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The Fotoclub Dreisamtal organizes an annual members' excursion. This year it took us to the Karlsruhe Zoo. Early in the morning, 25 fancy photo club members met at Kirchzarten station, drove to Karlsruhe and spent there 5 hours in the Karlsruhe Zoo.

Vogel im Exotenhaus, Karlsruhe, Zoo, Rothaubenturako

Actually, I'm not a friend of zoos. Animals behind panes, in a very small space, with often drawn and sad faces. A sight I like to do without and which, photographically speaking, I do not enjoy.

Nevertheless I report here, because I think the zoo of Karlsruhe offers beside the much to see animal suffering also a small highlight, namely the exotic house with a surface of over 6000 square meters. The exotic house accommodates nearly 100 species of animals, among them monkeys, birds, sloths..., which can move and fly freely in the hall. The hall is really big and offers the animals a reasonable freedom of movement and many hiding places. Therefore you should take your time to observe and discover the many animals living there.

My photographic yield from the exotic house is the pretty red-crested turaco, which I photographed with an ISO of 20000, the tired sloth, the white-faced saaki, the crown kibitz and the lisza monkeys.

Both thumbs up for the exotic house in the Karlsruhe Zoo, for the hall where the animals can "spread out" and which offers hiding places. :-)

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