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No luggage and no tripod

My plan and long awaited wish was to photograph the Fishing Huts at the Marina di Pisa. So I planned to spend a night there before the actual 4-day Tuscany tour.

Unfortunately my suitcase did not arrive in Pisa. Both times, on the outward and return flight, I had less than 30 minutes in Munich to change planes. In of this short time, the luggage could of course not be transferred to my connection flight on time.

Since my tripod, which I urgently needed for the long exposures at the Marina di Pisa, was in my suitcase, there was only one thing left for me - improvising! With shoe, sun visor and handkerchiefs, I tried to build a reasonably stable base. But this was not really successful. A real pity!


The Leaning Tower, finally!

I received my suitcase with tripod after several attempts in the late afternoon of the second day and ran with it immediately to the leaning tower.

Speechless about the fact that there were so many other tourists there besides me ;-), I watched for some time in disbelief the mobile phone/Instagram tourists how they bent back and forth to make the perfect optical illusion selfie of themselves with the tower.

Despite an exposure time of more than 2 minutes in the evening, it was not possible for me to get a picture without people. The Selfi tourists stood still too long and therefore left "ghosts" on the pictures.

Quiet morning

Before we entered the inland of tuscany, I hoped to take a deserted shot in the early morning. Only the students cycled by but that did not bother me at all. The atmosphere was really nice and so I got a very simple and calm picture of the leaning tower in the blue hour light.



Four days in Tuscany is of course very short, but nevertheless two restaurants we visited were delicious.

1. Ristorante "da Gino" an der Pisa di Marina. A great fish restaurant with fish counter and great service.

2. Antica Trattoria Toscana al Vecchio Forno, San Quirico d'Orcia, was an absolute highlight and also the Chianti Castello Monterinaldi 2016, recommended to us, was a dream!

More pictures of Pisa and the Tuscan landscapes are in process and I will add them later to the Galerie-travels-Tuscany.

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